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History of the Border Reivers

The Robsons of Redesdale are believed to have originated from Falstone in Northumberland but have a close association with Durham too. 

The name Robson means son of Rob or Robert and there is one suggestion that their patriarch was Hroethbert, an Anglo-Saxon mentioned on a runic cross found at Falstone in North Tynedale.

The great enemy of the Robson clan was the Graham family who lived in Liddesdale on the Scottish side of the border.  During a Robson raid on Graham property, they took a flock of sheep.  Unfortunately the sheep were infected with scab,which spread through their existing flock. Furious, the Robsons made a second raid into Liddesdale and executed seven members of the Graham family by hanging.  They even left a note stating that the next time they came to take sheep from the Grahams they should make sure that they were a healthy flock!

Once the Reiver period came to an end and clans were forcibly split, many Robsons left Northumberland to become coal miners in County Durham and Tyneside.

Gunn Clan Tartan

Crest badge suitable to be worn by members of Clan Gunn

AUT PAX AUT BELLUM - translated means

Either Peace or War